Dear Paws to Talk,

It is that time of year again. This is when I sit down, close, my eyes and think hard about my New Year’s resolutions.

My humans probably think I spend today and each January 1st sleeping off my New Year’s Eve celebration but in reality I am concentrating on my goals for the upcoming year.

In my experience, it has been so tough to complete my resolutions.This past year, I failed at seeking more adventure outside of my yard. The year before that I wasn’t successful in losing my extra vanity weight.

Can you suggest some New Year’s resolutions I can keep?

-Cleveland the Bloodhound

Howl Cleveland,

You are a very ambitious dog and we like that. Most humans have barely risen from their beds (they are still probably covered in shiny paper from midnight parties and too embarrassed to show their faces) and you are contemplating how to make the most out of this new year. Bravo!

We discussed your letter last night over our kibble and a little bubbly (we like to cheers to a new year) and decided that a resolution puts too much pressure on a being.

So many humans and animals make their resolutions too difficult to complete and they set themselves up for failure. This is no way to spend one’s days.

Instead, why not set 2-5 realistic goals or things to accomplish? If you get them done before the end of the year then make some new ones.

See our 5 suggestions for achievable resolutions below.

Get your blood flowing

Run 10 laps around your yard 4 times a week to burn off the vanity weight. You will be amazed how fantastic it feels to break a sweat and have that blood pumping through your fur.

Who can really give up bones or spit out delectable kibble? So burn it off.

Be friendly

Once a week, start a conversation with a neighbor or friend you don’t usually bark with. New friendships or relationships can begin anywhere.


You don’t need an airplane ticket to an exotic locale to add more adventure to your life. Have the humans walk you on a different path. Or spend some extra time in a part of the house you typically avoid.

Always be ready for a squirrel sighting. You never know what creature may enter your yard.

Limit bad habits

It takes a long time to give up a bad habit so why not start off by cutting back? If you are in the habit of sneaking food off the counter everyday then cut back to doing it 4 times a week.

This probably goes against every desire in your body but in the end your belly will feel better and the humans will trust you more.

Be open

Try new kibble if it is put in front of your nose. Play a new game if friends suggest it. Participate in a yoga or meditation class.

Happy New Year and good luck!


Bella and DiDi







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