Dear Paws to Talk,

I am not one for writing long letters but my question is very important. So, I am going to spit it out like I would a hairball. Are us cats really that different from you dogs?

-Mitchell the Cat

Howl Mitchell,

Thank you for writing to us! We don’t get hairballs but sometimes we do have to spit out treats that have lost their flavor. Either way it is just best to get it out.

In our experience, this whole dog vs cat or cat vs dog phenomenon is human made. To be honest, we get excited and bark when we see dogs and cats. We don’t protect our yard from cats. The squirrels (they mess with our trees and sometimes hack into our website) and the humans seem to create the divide.

We don’t think felines are really all that different from canines or even humans. Sure there are differences in food, treats, toys and some behavior but at the core we all want the similar things such as love and comfort.

Everyone wants to be cherished and feel good about themselves. Even the beings that scoff at this statement, want it. They just aren’t aware of it yet.

From the yard we are sitting in, no, we are not essentially different. We hope this understanding translates to other beings on earth as it would most likely make it a nicer place.

If we all want the same things then why can’t we reach for them together?

Let’s not go crazy though and start mixing up the cat and dog kibble. We don’t have to agree on everything.


Bella and DiDi