January 25th will mark 10 years since my family and I said goodbye to our beloved Marty.

My favorite photo of Marty

Around the time of his passing, everything seemed to happen at a warped speed.

Within 24 hours, we got word that he was very sick, there was nothing more the Veterinarian could do and were saying goodbye to our sweet boy.

Immediately after Marty’s passing, our family went out to dinner to celebrate his life. The dinner started with all of us raising a glass to a great dog and ended with all of us being too upset to eat the food that we ordered.

Eventually, we had the strength to bury his ashes in the yard a couple months after his death.

However, the memorial process for Marty, who graced us with 15 years of love, laughter and comfort seemed truncated.

When we lose a human loved one, rarely does anyone think twice about writing an obituary to commemorate the deceased’s life.

In fact, the obituary is often one of the first and most important memorial rituals we typically complete to honor our late loved one.

Why isn’t this the same when we lose our dogs?

This is why I am introducing Pawbituary to you and soon the rest of the dog world.

Pawbituary was created so that dog lovers can write an obituary for their dog in the same manner that they would for a human loved one.

It is my hope that Pawbituary becomes an invaluable tool for all dog lovers in their time of remembrance and mourning.

Check out http://honor.pawbituary.com to get the latest info about Pawbituary and its launch.

With Love,