Bubba trying to love a cat. Courtesy of bumpyroadtobubba.com

Dear Paws to Talk,

Why don’t cats like Bubba girl loves as much as dogs do? I am a little girl with a lot of loves to give and it makes me so sad when my cat friends run away from me. My Mumma wrote about this recently because I was so upset.

Our dogs, Bella and Beary and all of our other puppy friends are so happy to stay around for my loves. Mumma says my loves are the best kind of loves. So what’s with the cats?

Special Bubba loves for you both,



Howl Bubba,

To begin with, you are an adorable little human. If you were in our yard we would spoil you with kisses and Poodle hugs. That sweet face of yours might even convince us to give you some of our special treats. Maybe.

Scientists, philosophers, and great thinkers have tried to figure out on the whole why cats don’t seem to give out love as freely as dogs do. So far there don’t seem to be any solid answers.

But don’t let that get you down. We have some cat friends who are very affectionate and we also know some dogs who would rather be left alone. No matter what kind of animal you are, there is a chance to be loving or distant. We choose loving because more happiness and treats are involved this way.

Maybe your cats were teased by their litter mates and don’t know how accept love?  Perhaps, they only like being near other cats because that makes them comfortable? Our world is filled with all kinds of species who act a certain way because of their own life experiences.

Of course, their behavior has nothing to do with you. If a cat doesn’t want to cuddle with you, that is their problem. They are missing out!

We suggest you keep trying to give them your loves. You are a sweet girl and should not change your way because of others.

We hope one day these cats can appreciate the precious little lady in front of them trying to brighten their day.


Bella and DiDi
















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