Dear Paws to Talk,

I am starting to panic! I have three humans to but gifts for before our annual holiday party next week. My mind is not in gift-buying mode but instead is preoccupied with the plush toy I lost in my yard a few days ago.

I love giving gifts to my humans but am afraid I might disappoint them this year. Help! Can you suggest some wonderful gifts I could get them?

-Bruno the Pug

Howl Bruno,

It is refreshing to meet a being who enjoys giving gifts. So many others only focus on what they are getting. We have even seen some even write out paper lists of things they want. What a waste of paper which would make a lovely snack or impromptu toy.

We have different ideas on what to give the humans so we usually go to mall together but purchase separate gifts. So we will each give you our top three ideas.

Also, don’t forget how special homemade gifts can be. Plus the cost less bones.

See our suggestions below.


-Fuzzy gloves to keep your humans’ hands warm and stylish this winter. They can’t pet you if their hands have turned into ice blocks.

-A food processor. This gift will encourage your humans to cook more at home and hopefully create some sumptuous meals for you.

-Home decor. Take a non-stinky, inedible item from the trash and fashion it into a pretty design. If this is too complicated then just leave your paw prints on the item you selected. Your humans will appreciate the originality and effort you put into this gift.


-A large smoked ham. Who wants to cook during the holidays? Be sure to sit up straight at the table and put on your “hungry face” when the ham is being served. This will increase your chances of getting a piece and being able to chew the bone after the ham is finished.

-A flower or plant from your yard. Uproot it and bring inside so your humans can enjoy their garden when it is too cold to go outside.

-A  bundle of sticks.This one may only work if your humans have a fireplace or wood-burning stove. Gather as many sticks as possible and lay them in a nice pile. Your humans will barely have to lift a paw next time they want to make a fire because you have done all the hard work for them.

Good luck!


Bella and DiDi














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