Bella: I hold my head high


As many of you may know, I am the grand dame of my household and family.

I keep the humans and DiDi on point, lead the welcome committee for new human and furry family members, warn when enemies are encroaching onto our yard among other tasks.

Oh, did I mention that I am also writing a one-woman Broadway show?

Well, it is in the works.

A lot of my friends and family wonder how I have time to do it all. How do I get all that I want out of life?

Here are some of my tricks…

1. Delegate Responsibilities

I am not an alpha dog for nothing! I can’t patrol the yard, watch the humans and do my work all at once. I only have four legs!

DiDi graciously accepts some of these duties so that I can continue to be the brains of the operation.

Of course, it is good to get your paws dirty now and then, so I join the patrols and help with human care when I can.

2. Believe You Can Have It All

Everyday I rise from my comfy bed knowing with every curl on my fur coat that I can have everything I desire in life.

Even though I don’t have thumbs, that doesn’t stop me.

If you don’t believe in what you are doing to achieve your goals then you might as well sit home and throw plush toys around all day (Not that there is anything wrong with that. In fact it is a fun way to spend the day).

Do you believe with every piece of your fur that you can reach your dreams?

3. Never Give Up

When the humans cook tasty dinners, they become very strict. DiDi and I are not allowed to have any scraps or tastes.

That doesn’t mean we stop trying to get our noses in some gravy, meat, pasta, bread or fish.

We stubbornly attempt to reach the food platters until victory is ours.

I use this dinner-time strategy at non-dinner times too.

If someone rejects my Broadway show then I will walk with my head held high until my vision is on stage for animals everywhere.

I used to give up more easily. For instance, when I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer.

However, the whole lack of thumbs and inability to not chew my text books discouraged many from letting me return.

I gave up too.

Not anymore!












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