As many of you may know by now, I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) recently.

I underwent surgery and my sick leg was taken off.

I am doing well.


Bella: Hanging out in the yard is my favorite thing!

My appetite, zest for life and quick wit are in tact.

Each day I get up and do what every dog does.

Scan the kitchen for tasty foods, take care of business, keep tabs on my humans, rest and accept as much love as possible.

I am fighting the cancer by living how I did before the diagnosis.

I loved my life before cancer so why would I change anything?

Admittedly, I am a little upset that I can run as much as I used to but I focus on what is in front of my nose.

My nose always leads me to tasty things.

The humans are sad because this cancer monster will eventually steal all my toys and be my demise.

We have difficult moments together but then we move on enjoy each other.

Plus, my sickness has helped some of my humans who weren’t as close work out their issues.

More on this to come…

In happier news, I get to eat ice cream once a week now. I think all dogs should experience this often.

Putting your snout in frozen, creamy ice cream is delightful!

Except part way through my ice cream party my face fur freezes and the humans have to rub my face.

Even though I am a wise dog, I don’t have any short cuts or definite suggestions on how to beat the cancer monsters.

I just am in this moment dictating this blog to one of my humans.

I don’t know where the next moment will take me.

Whatever comes next, I will give it my all.