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I borrowed some glasses in order to write this blog post because recently my eyes have been bothering me.

At first, I thought that my cloudy and watery eyes could just be part of being a senior  mature dog.

However, one night I headed out to my yard to take care of some business before bed and I missed a step which resulted in a tumbling ball of fine French Poodle fur.

Soon after my fall the humans had the doctor check my eyes (It is necessary that I have full vision in order to spot handsome male dogs and leftovers dropping on the floor).

The doctors said it was just part of my age and there wasn’t anything else they could do.

Like any dog would do, I carried on with my life but my eyes kept bothering me.

The humans fretted over what to do in order to help me.

I even agreed to let them take me in for another doctor visit when the condition got worse.

Again, the doctor opted not to do any procedures to fix what I was officially diagnosed with-Cataracts.

I barked at this second doctor!

First of all, I am a tough girl. I have withstood hundreds of baths and blow dry sessions, being stung by a swarm of bees and not to mention a week-long stay in the hospital when I was a young dog for a horrible illness.

Secondly, how could cats be in my eyes?

My humans made the steps at home as slip-free as possible and I continued living life being bothered by my eyes and the cats in them.

Two weeks ago, I landed back at the doctor’s office because my stomach was upset (I caught a bug…must have been from napping in the garden too long).

Yet again, the humans asked about my eyes which seemed worse.

This time, another doctor thought that a specialist could help me.

The humans made an appointment with this special human to see about getting these damn cats out of my eyes.

I may have to live with the cats but there is hope that this special human can help my symptoms.

If my humans hadn’t been so vigilant about watching my eyes then I would continue to suffer.

At least now, I have hope that I can feel better and go back to scouting out the cute guys on my walks.

Wish me all the best for my appointment this Friday.

Pay attention to us dogs. We are always trying to tell you something.




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