My humans were flabbergasted yesterday as they watched me jump into the back of their tall car.

I haven’t done this in a while mainly because my eyes have been bothering me  and I didn’t want to go tail over fur face.

This time, I did it and my perfectly coiffed Poodle fur remained intact.

For once, the humans were the ones drooling.

Bella Smiling June

Bella: I feel good!

I know that my humans love me but I have heard them question my older age and health lately.

It’s only fair because all of us thought I had cataracts (Apparently this is a new cat breed) in my eyes.

However, it turned out that I just had awful inflammation which for the most part has been cleared up by the medicines the dog doctor gave me.

Because I am feeling better, I just signed a new multi-year lease on my yard (I negotiated the terms myself. I almost went to law school after all).

I feel like a young dog again and am back to demanding games of fetch.

My humans are full of joy about my turn for the better and still can’t believe what they saw yesterday.

I had fun surprising them but the best part was surprising myself as I felt the seat under my paws.

If the humans thought jumping in the car was special, wait until they see me reclaim all the beds, couches and chairs in the house!

Have your dog ever surprised you?




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