Today is a special day for a lot of beings.

There will be food, drink, music and merriment for many.

While I won’t be eating green kibble, I will kick my paws up in the yard and have a glass of wine to celebrate.

I digress…

Here are three of my best tips for getting the most out of the holiday without turning into a crazy animal (of course if you are indeed a wild animal reading this from a remote connection in the jungle then you don’t need these tips).

1. Utilize the Doggie Bag

Fill your belly but don’t store all the yummy food and drink in there. Remember that you can take almost everything home to enjoy later or share with you dog. I have never had corned beef but I am sure it is delicious. *drools*

2. Don’t Forget What You Were Taught in Obedience School

Today is not a day for cocktail-inspired arguments. Remember what we all were taught in obedience school about manners, commands and the pack.

3. Try Something New

Do something fun and appropriate that you wouldn’t usually do. Maybe today a cute Irish male dog will teach me a jig? What do you want to do?












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