Welcome to another installment of our Eggnog Blog where we impart holiday season advice for two-legged and four-legged beings.

This post is all about making sure your holiday party has tails wagging.

Here’s how:

Invite Who Those You Want and Not Those You Should

We all have done this. Invited someone over who we didn’t want in our house because it seemed like the proper thing to do. Before you know it, they’ve left paw prints on your clean floor and are distracting you from having a good time.

This isn’t a world diplomat gathering so invite the animals who you enjoy.

When we have parties in the yard, our invite barks are specifically directed at the friends and family who bring tasty treats and make us smile.

Don’t Wait Until Guest Paws Are At Your Front Door…

…to finish up your preparations. Enlist all the human and canine help you can at least a day ahead of the party. This will make throwing a holiday party a lot more fun.

Sign us up for tasting the food or cleaning up crumbs off of the floor! You won’t be sorry!

Be Attentive

We have hosted many parties so it is with experience that we can tell you if the guests are having fun then so will you.

Offer your partygoers plenty of kibble and festive drinks. Make sure they are comfortable.

Does everyone (especially the dogs in the crowd) have a comfy place to sit?

We hope your holiday parties are full of love and deliciousness.

If you need some extra hostesses, we charge two treats per hour.


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