Our tails are wagging and we are back for part 2 of our Eggnog Blog Series!

Let’s tear into the topic of gifts.

For starters, if the gift doesn’t smell then you will most likely want to return it. In our experience, the best presents have a strong scent of beef, fish or fruitcake.

Anyways, why is it that two dogs can’t watch TV without hearing about humans acting like rabid squirrels while buying goodies for their loved ones?

It really doesn’t have to be this complicated. Even if you don’t have beef, fish or fruitcake to give this holiday season you can still put a smile on someone’s face.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to holiday gifts:

Time is a Gift

Forget about the mall and plan a specific time to do something fun with a loved one. How about going out to dinner? Or enjoying an exhibition together? Or a trip to the pet shop to pick out a new toy when the post-holiday calm has set in?

Gifts don’t have to come in nice bundles.

The Pressure Is Not On

Despite what the TV or the calendar is telling you, the holiday gift monster is not stomping into town to stomp on you (if the monster does appear for some reason email us and we will show up to bite his or her ankles).

Understandably, there may be small humans and loved ones expecting gifts from you but this doesn’t mean you have to live the next few weeks in a panic.

How about designating a chunk of time on one or two days to buy your gifts? Schedule it and then move on.

The Thought Counts

Sometimes, the gifts one doesn’t ask for are the best because they come from an unexpected yet caring place.

For instance, last year we got plush trash collector chew toys. Our humans know how much we dislike when the trash collectors take away perfectly yummy leftovers and how they park their truck on part of our yard. So they gave us these little toys to take out our frustrations on.

We were thrilled.

We hope your holiday shopping is as effortless as a cool breeze sweeping through our curly hair.


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