Today is the first part in our four-part holiday advice series.

For the next few Tuesdays, we will be here discussing how to make this holiday season a delicious and fun time.

Let’s begin! Woof! Woof!

Avoid the Turkey Tidal Wave

We have noticed over the years that the duties involved with preparing a sumptuous feast for Thanksgiving can overtake one human.

It is hard for us to contemplate why some humans choose to park it in front of the TV while there is a flurry of action happening in the kitchen.

For starters, Thanksgiving is a fabulous day to taste many things. Even though, a lot of the tastings end up on our furry heads, we still eat like royalty.

More importantly, it is the perfect day to help each other.

Is it fair or considerate to relax while others work hard creating a meal for you? We don’t think so.

If we have to spend the day having mashed potatoes being dropped on our snouts then you can find a way to contribute.

Perhaps, cooking is not your forte, no problem because there are always dishes to lick…we mean clean.

If dishes and cooking don’t fall into your skill set then offer to run though the aisles of the grocery store (one of our dreams) and get the supplies.

The point is not to let a loved one get caught up in a Turkey Tidal Wave. Find a way to pitch in.

With everyone contributing, the holiday will become a joyous feast.


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