Happy spring and almost summer to many of our readers.

The snow monster is gone, the grass is on its way to being green and both of us are back to soaking up rays in our yard.

It feels like we won the bone lottery.

Even though we are feeling good, we realize that this is a time of year when a lot of humans start to feel bad about themselves.

From what we can gather, it is because their collars don’t fit the way they wished they would for this fur-bearing season. Or they look at others breeds and wish they had longer legs, silkier fur or a cuter face.

We can’t understand this phenomenon. Us Poodles don’t look at our friends and wish we were Dachshunds. We love Dachshunds and think they are fabulous but like being Poodles.

Yet again, we think humans can learn from dogs and that our way of life can help you feel good about yourselves. Here’s how:

1. Work With What You’ve Got

Bella: As many of you know, I lost my front left leg recently because it had cancer in it. The humans mused for many days how I would do with three legs. I did the only thing I know how to do and I started walking and running with the legs I have.

I don’t feel embarrassed or think I look weird. My life goes on and I am having just as much fun on three legs as I did on four.

Use the body, gifts and tools you have to enjoy life.


Bella: I still look and feel fabulous even on three legs!

DiDi: I have a big face and nose. My human nephews tell me so every time they come over for a visit. Little do they know my big nose helps me to smell all the glorious things in my yard. It also helps me smell trouble coming.

I am not self-conscious about my big face/nose because I love using it.

DiDi: My nose always leads me to great things.

2. Know What You Want and Get It

Bella: Lately, all I have wanted is to be near my humans when they are home. Despite the fact that they  leave me downstairs in the living room when they change their clothes or shower, I still manage to be near them.  I have worked on my strength and now can follow them upstairs. It may take me more time than usual but that is okay.

If you want to meet a certain love interest, take special trip or take a risk then start doing it one paw at a time. You’ll get there.

DiDi: I have always wanted to taste lamb chops. So when my humans cooked some recently, I knew this was my chance. I waited until they were all sitting at the big table, I tip-pawed into the kitchen, got up on my hind legs and reached like I had never reached before. I was rewarded with such a delicious taste that the fur on the back of my neck stood up. I ate a whole lamb chop before I was busted.

Don’t let a busy or negative mind stop you. Follow your nose to the good smells.

3. Enjoy the Wind Blowing Through Your Fur

Bella: Sometimes you have to just let go of all the things in your mind and relax. For me the most refreshing thing is sitting in my yard and catching a breeze with my fur. It makes me feel great and reminds me what is important.

DiDi: I love getting my fur wet when the humans are watering the garden. It makes me feel alive. I forget about all the squirrels and chipmunks who are trying to encroach on our yard and revel in the cool water. I always feel excellent after this.

Plus, it doesn’t cost any bones.


Bella and DiDi