See below our latest chat. A special thanks to our neighbor Josh the Bouvier for keeping the record of this conversation.

Bella: Rosebud (our human) was upset last night.

DiDi: I know my heart crumbled when I heard her feeling sad.

Bella: Because I am the grand dame of our house I can tell you feeling hurt is a part of life. It won’t last forever. It doesn’t rain everyday so why would sadness hang around every day?

DiDi: I think it had something to do with a guy. Most men are rascals! Except for you Josh. By the way you are doing an excellent job recording our chat. Your paws move so fast on the key board. Plus, you have a cute tail.

Bella: Anyways! Recovering from disappointment is like enduring another run in with a squirrel in the yard. You get through it and then next time you are more aware of their pesky tricks.

DiDi: I just want Rosebud and the rest of the humans to be happy and play in the yard all day.

Bella: I want that too!


Bella and DiDi









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