We try to stay out of the political battle humans have created. However, when we heard that here in America, the government was shutting down because of a money bone dispute, it only solidified our opinion that dogs should have more power in society. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why dogs wouldn’t allow a government to shut down:

1. The use of  Tug of War as a way to solve complicated disputes. In this game, there is always a definite outcome. 

2. We don’t give up easily! Have you ever seen us completely abandon a tasty chew toy? No way!

3. Dogs don’t get caught up in petty human games. Even though, we sometimes chase our tails, we always come back to the present moment and the task at hand.

4. A government shutdown equals MANY sad and stressed out humans. A dog can only put smiles on so many faces. We do have other commitments such as digging holes, chasing birds and monitoring the kitchen counter for leftovers.

5. We accept others even though they are different from us. There is no judgement but just sniffing in order to see where they came from. Just sniff and don’t judge.


Bella and DiDi










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