Bella and DiDi at Christmas

Bella and DiDi


The other day we heard it. Our furry ears perked up with surprise as the sound of sleigh bells came out of the TV.

We looked at each other with our “give me a break” faces as Autumn hasn’t even left our yard yet and the holiday season is trying to barge in.

Why can’t we enjoy rolling in the leaves without the craziness of the holiday season being prematurely forced on us?

Don’t get us wrong, we like the holiday season, especially since it means a lot of tasty food being dropped on the floor.

However, we choose to embrace the season we are still in.

So until a whole turkey with all the fixings hits the table and the humans gather around, we will revel in Autumn.

After all, what is the point in rushing it?


Bella and DiDi







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