DiDi: I tried to escape the reality by disappearing into my favorite bush but it was not meant to be.


Here is a discussion we had earlier today in the yard. We thought it may be helpful.

Bella: I don’t understand why humans sometimes make their life so difficult.

DiDi: I know! Everyone needs to sniff their flowers and go on more nature walks. Who cares if your fur gets a bit dirty?

Bella: You have the right idea DiDi.

DiDi: *Nods head in agreement*

Bella: Humans don’t appreciate what really matters in life. Too many of them are sniffing in yards filled with selfishness, stress and deceit.

DiDi: I have never lied in my life. Even when I have done something shameful, there isn’t a couch big enough in the house for me to hide behind without the consequence finding me. More humans should keep their word.

Bella: They really should. The world we be so much happier and treat-filled if lying was no more.

DiDi: *drools*

Bella: *tail wags*

DiDi: It hurts my heart to see humans hurting each other and other animals. I can’t watch the news because it makes me too upset.

Bella: DiDi that hurts me too. I will continue to watch the news so that we know how to help these humans even though the stories sometimes make my fur stand straight up with frustration.

DiDi: Thanks Bella. What do we do now? How can we feel better?

Bella: Let’s go into the yard and roll around in the leaves! Then we can flirt with the handsome male dogs next door.

DiDi: Count me in!


Bella and DiDi











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