Bella and DiDi: We love our humans but sometimes a dog needs a break!


Juno, the monster storm came through our yard yesterday. He was a cranky guy who kept us cooped up inside with our humans all day.

No walks, digging holes or squirrel watch because of Juno’s huffing and puffing.

We love being with our humans but we need our “Alone Dog Time” or ADT each day.

It becomes difficult to get ADT when the humans are depending on us as their entertainment because they are bored from not being able to go outside too.

Here are three ways to beat cabin fever in case Juno or another storm monster comes to your yard:

1. Reorganize Your Toy Basket and Kibble Containers

If you have to be inside all day then you might as well face that organization or clean up project you have been putting off.

You will be occupied and not have to carry it around in your mind after it is done.

2. Take a Nap

How often do you (this is directed at humans because us dogs nap often) get to rest in the middle of the day?

Recharge your energy so you can do wonderful things outside of the house once the storm is over.

3. Cook a Feast

This is a wonderful activity whether or not there is a storm. *drooling*

Make something yummy. Get the family (including the dogs) involved.

Work together to cook something that smells fabulous.


Bella and DiDi