Each week we hear it.

Humans feel the same way about Mondays as we feel about going to the vet and getting our temperature taken.

We’d rather be doing just about anything else.

For us dogs, each day is fairly similar. Play, eat, chew, poop, cuddle, play, eat, poop, cuddle, sleep and repeat.

We put our furry heads together and came up with some tips so that Monday isn’t such a monster.

1. Buy Kibble Not Negativity

So many beings out there bemoan how terrible Mondays can be. We see and hear it online and on the TV.

Don’t listen to all this Monday bashing. Maybe this will change your outlook on the day?

Oh, yeah and don’t forget to fully stock your dog’s kibble container.

2. Take Friday Fun and Move It To Monday

From our perches, we see humans doing all kinds of special things on Fridays.

Why not take some of these treats and save them for Monday?

For example, if you have a nice dinner out on Fridays, see if you can make reservations for Mondays.

3. Dig Hard When It Is Time

Was there something you could have done on Friday that you decided to save for Monday? Did you figure you would be more motivated on Monday?

When we need to dig a hole in our yard, we make sure to use all our paw strength to excavate that dirt while on the job.

If you do more on Friday then Mondays may not seem so overwhelming.

Mondays are what you make them.

We choose not to make them into a chilling encounter at the vet office.


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