Do you want to have a great week? Sure you do! Here’s how to do it:

1. Naps are Necessary

We are serious about this. Everyone needs a respite during the day.

Why do you think we are so full of love and happiness?

It is because we are well-rested. There are no dark fur circles under our eyes.

Some of you may be shaking your heads because you are at work all day and there are no beds around.

That’s okay.

Take 15 minutes after you have had some lunch kibble to rest your eyes.

Let your body recharge.

2. Make a Milestone

Think about something that is challenging yet doable to accomplish this week.

Don’t pick anything but instead focus on a goal that means a lot to you and is within sight.

We know that we can’t climb Mt. Everest this week because our hiking gear is on backorder.

So, we are doing other things.

When the weekend comes, what do you want finished?

3. Listen to Your Gut

Besides the fact that your gut is the home of all the premium kibble one eats, it also leads to the path that is best for you.

As the week progresses, don’t forget your gut reaction.

If your gut is angry about a work decision then take some time to ponder this.

Maybe your gut is urging you to stay in and watch TV instead of spending the night out on the town?

In order to avoid regret and indigestion, tune into your gut’s voice.


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