We are starting to get excited!

Cookies are being baked, gifts are being placed under our Christmas tree and our fellow canine, Josh howled earlier this week about Hanukkah starting in his home.

The holidays and New Year are sniffing their way to all of our homes.

However, we know through experience and conversing with many dogs and humans that this time of year means different things to everyone.

No matter what you are celebrating in the next couple of weeks, here are 3 things we hope every dog and human has:

A Special Meal

We are already drooling thinking about the Christmas Eve appetizers that will be served in our house.

Maybe you prefer a turkey dinner (we like this too)?

Or perhaps, you want to cook a unique meal that is healthy and edible for both you and your dog?

Regardless, take time to savor luscious tastes.

To Know That You Are Loved

You don’t have to entertain everyone you know at your home to feel the love this holiday season.

Think of those who give you belly rubs year-round.

Who listens to you when a holiday gift or meal is not at stake (This sounds like another food we love to eat!)?

Don’t be afraid to tell these special people and/or animals how much you love and appreciate them!

Something Fun

Maybe we don’t need new toys but isn’t it so nice to get a new treat?

Even if it is a plush toy from the sale bin, allow yourself to receive or purchase something you have been eyeing.

We are still holding out hope that the humans will FINALLY present us with a dog friendly bone dispenser.

However, if it isn’t delivered this holiday we will play gleefully with the new toys we do receive.

Happy Holidays!


Bella and DiDi