Our fur is frizzing at what seems to be never-ending hate moving through this world. We think this is because of a human chew toy shortage. For us, gnawing on a beefy chew helps us work out aggressions and concerns.

We openly admit that there are some humans in the world who give us bad vibes and at times we have lost our cool when encountering said humans. However, we can’t imagine hating anyone.

Here are three reasons why we love instead of hate:

1. We Have Each Other

Where one of us has a weakness the other has a strength. It makes us wonder if the humans placed a custom order for us to balance out the other. Sneaky humans!

When you have a good partner by your side, the world seems less daunting. Also, you have someone to listen to your worries and frustration. Even though each of us admits to nodding off on occasion while the other is barking, we are still there for the other.

Hate has slim chances of invading when it has to combat 8 paws.

2. It’s How We Are Built

We are naturally programmed to give and receive love. Unless, something negative happens to us, this is how we operate.

If you approach life with loving intentions we think many treats are in your future.

3. What’s the Big Deal?

It is easy to get caught up in maddening circumstances. Don’t get us wrong, if someone is messing with our family or our kibble we can become feisty. But hate is taking it to another level.

What could be so important to feel hatred?

There doesn’t seem to be a mountain of premium treats tall enough for us to conjure up hate in our furry bodies.


Bella and DiDi











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