This is a decadent time of year, with all of the baked goods, bones under the tree and holiday parties. After observing humans over the course of many holiday seasons, we wonder why this has to be the so-called happiest time of year.

Can’t we be merry all year?

If it weren’t for our humans, we wouldn’t even realize that this time of year is special. Typically, us dogs aim to make everyday special because it is all we know how to do.

Most of us eat, buy and imbibe like animals and then in the new year are forced to overcompensate. How come we go from a bowl full of treats in December to a bowl full of blended, green lawn in January?

What about balancing the lawn and treats in December so that January isn’t so daunting?

Maybe the addition of an extra walk with your canine will help burn off the extra treats so you still fit into your collar? Fetching the ball yourself a couple of times instead of expecting us to do it will also be very useful.

Why overspend hard-earned bones in December only to have a low bone balance in January, February or March? Friends and family won’t love you less because you cut back a bit on the gift giving so your bone reserve doesn’t take a hit.

There is no doubting that the holidays are important milestones in many lives.

However, you don’t have to overindulge to share in the precious moments.

Happy Holidays!


Bella and DiDi









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