After our breakfast kibble this morning, the humans didn’t go to work as they normally do. Then we heard all this talk about Memorial Day and honor. Next, they said they were going to a cookout.

We thought of two things:

1. Why can’t we go to the cookout? We really like cookout food and never waste any of it.

2. On a day that is meant to honor those who are no longer here, why are the humans celebrating?

Once we got our drooling under control from all of this cookout discussion, we contemplated what this day should mean.

Bella and DiDi: Thinking about our loved ones who are no longer here.

For us, our humans and animal friends are the most important thing in life (even before kibble and treats but it is a tight race). So we sat in our garden and thought about them. Especially, our older brother Marty who passed on many years ago.

We cried but then snapped out of it when the neighbors fired up their grill and started cooking. Oh, the wonderful scents!

This holiday, it is easy for many of us to view it as another day off away from the daily grind.

However, don’t forget to take some time to remember those who came and left before us. It is likely, they made your yard a better place.


Bella and DiDi