There are times when we get our paws stuck in mud, snow or dare we say it “left over dog business.” We figure this is a part of any being’s life at some point.


However, we have learned that having a bark session about the specific issue can get ones paws moving again.


See below one of our latest dialogues.


Bella: I feel so lonely. I miss the humans who left to go to work yet again. A lot of days, my heart hurts a little when they leave.

DiDi: Really? When they leave, I wonder what food they left in the kitchen within our reach.

Bella: I think about that too but I also feel sad. *Cries*

DiDi: Don’t cry Bella. I am here.

Bella: I know you are here but I miss the humans. Even when we have friends over while they are gone, I still miss the them.

DiDi: Why?

Bella: I am not sure. *Thinking with titled head*

DiDi: Bella you are a great big sister and you are very talented at taking loaves of bread off the counter. How could you be blue? What is going on?

Bella: I like having all my humans and animals around me. Many years ago, my older brother Marty left one day and never came back. I was so lonely without him. Mom told me he was in heaven but it didn’t help me feel better. Some days I worry they won’t come back.

DiDi: Awwwww, Bella. I wasn’t around then but that was a difficult time for you. The humans would be lost without us and will be back. If not then we have each other.

Bella: I know it is silly to carry the worry around but some days I can’t help it. My life became much happier when you showed up here.

DiDi: Of course it did! I’m a fun girl.

Bella: Even though, I dug a large hole in the yard and tried to bury you.

DiDi: It didn’t work.

Bella: I know. I’m glad. I feel a bit lighter now that we barked this out.

DiDi: Good! Now let’s go take some bread off the counter.


What discussion will move you forward in your life?



Bella and DiDi

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