Bella: I always wanted to be on the big screen!

DiDi: I always wanted a crowd of screaming fans (not the fans that cool you but the fans that adore you)!

Bella: What would they be screaming?

DiDi: They would say, “DiDi you have such gorgeous curls!” Or maybe, “You’re the best at digging holes!” What do you want to be on the big screen?

Bella: I want to be a Lassie-type. Running in to save somebody. Or a love interest of course.

DiDi: Thursday is the day!

Bella: Yes it is! Margot (our human) said this Thursday June 6th at 8PM!

DiDi: I have the neighbor covering our night patrol. We’re all set. Now what?

Bella: We have to tell everyone where they can see us on air.

DiDi: Oh, right! You are so smart.

Bella and DiDi: Live from the East Coast of the United States of America, it’s” Bella and DiDi Host a Video Chat!”

With Bella, DiDi and Margot.

Featuring our beloved  readers, fans and anyone else from the comfort of their home.

Tune in to see furry faces and receive Poodle hugs and kisses. Maybe even see a squirrel hunt live?

Also, we’ll be discussing how to feel comfort during this chaotic time in our world (Poodle love is definitely in order here).

Now sign up for free here: and don’t miss our live debut Thursday June 6th at 8PM EDT!


Bella and DiDi