We know.

There are times when everyone feels like giving up. It usually seems like the easier and less stressful choice in the moment.

However, as time passes by no matter how lovely your fur looks on the outside, giving up will make your insides feel like you swallowed a frisky squirrel with long claws (for those not familiar with squirrels and their antics, this is not a good thing).

Yesterday, we were watching TV with the humans as we all watched another human emerge from the ocean after a long swim. Our humans got excited and gazed at the TV with wonder. Apparently, the swimming human, Diana Nyad swam a very long distance without stopping. She never gave up and realized her dream.

Many thoughts came to our minds after watching this happen.

First off all, why weren’t any dogs involved? We have four legs where as Diana Nyad has two. It is possible a canine could have made it to the destination much faster. At the very least, we could have swum ahead and scouted out the waves.

This swimming expedition reminded us that whether two-legged or four-legged, we should never give up on goals, wishes and dreams. Here are some ideas on how to keep going:

1. Take a Cue From the Working Dog Breeds

Put your head down and keep working towards what you want. Keeping your focus on the tasks you need to accomplish will move you closer to your desired outcome.

2. Allow for Some Off-Leash Time

Everybody needs a break from the discipline it takes to make life better. For us, running off our walking leashes is the best. We run and run and run and don’t think about what we have to do for the humans.

3. Keep Your Eyes on the Big Treat

If our humans come home with a special treat from the market and leave it on the counter, we rarely can pay attention to anything else. Think of your goal or dream as the big treat on the counter waiting to be chewed. This will keep you drooling and push you through times of doubt.


Bella and DiDi