As our human has told you, there are developments happening to improve communication between us and the human race. However, the canine community doesn’t want to wait for technology in order to express what is really important to us.

Thanks to our better than average keyboard skills (you should see us work an iPad), here are 3 Things Your Dog Wants to Tell You:

1. Our Ears Aren’t Decorative

Whether our ears are fluffy or not, they work. We understand most of what you are saying especially when you are discussing us. So be nice and remember that we are listening.

2. We Don’t Bark Just To Hear Our Voice

If we are barking there is always a reason. You may be familiar with the typical ones such as we need food or to go to the bathroom. However, there is more to our language.

While we do bark to each other to see how things are going, but a lot times our barking signals something else such as fear, boredom, lack of exercise, joy, sadness and anxiety.

Next time we bark, don’t just tell us to be quiet or shoo us away. Think about why we are doing it.

3. Sleeping Isn’t Our Favorite Activity

Don’t get us wrong, we love naps but it is not where we get our satisfaction. In fact, most of us want more quality time with you over a long sleep session.

All of us have talents and skills just like humans and want to use them in the world. Whether it is running fast after a squirrel, cheering humans up or blogging.

We have a purpose in life and it is not to lay on the sofa 8 hours a day.


Bella and DiDi