This can be a tense world for humans and animals. Recently, we headed to our favorite spot in the yard to discuss our top ways to relax.

Bella and DiDi: See you later humans.


Bella: I’ll ask the first question since I’m older. What is your favorite way to relax?

DiDi: I love to lay on the floor vents inside the house with the hot or cold air hitting my fur. It feels nice and usually puts me to sleep. *daydreaming*

Bella: I should try that. It sounds lovely.

DiDi: *still daydreaming*

Bella: DiDi! Your turn! Ask me!

DiDi: Right. How do you like to relax?

Bella: I like to get up on the office couch (the humans seem less willing to kick me off of that one) and lay spread eagle. I just let all my paws relax and hang.

DiDi: I have seen you do that. You look calm. How do you get up after that?

Bella: Just rollover.

DiDi: I would probably get stuck.

Bella: It’s okay I would give you a nudge. *smiling*

DiDi: Thanks! *smiling*

How do you and/or your dog relax?


Bella and DiDi









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