So you want to be an actor or a CEO or a dog trainer? Good for you! Dream until your heart is so full that your collar bursts!

Of course, just having a dream is lovely but not the way to Hollywood or the Westminster Dog Show. You have to pound your paws on the pavement.

Bella and DiDi: Get these things moving!


Put down the chew toy, make a plan and get out there. Don’t let a biter human or animal deter you. Also, don’t let any doubt creep into your mind. If it starts to creep in than do head tilts side to side until it falls out.

It is easy to lose focus on making your dream a reality. This is where your nose comes in handy. It can guide you to a better smelling area. Also, by keeping your nose down your eyes are forced to zero in on the task in front of you.

Bella and DiDi: Without our noses, we wouldn’t be living our dream of being Advice Bloggers.

We hope you sniff, claw and bark your way to all of your dreams! We believe in you!


Bella and DiDi

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