Dear Paws to Talk,

My dog Miles acts like a human. There is no better way to describe it. He knows when I am about to take him on a walk. He knows when I am about to leave for work. He knows when it is dinner time.

Sometimes when I look in his eyes, it is like another person is looking back at me.

Also, he has incredible human skills such as opening doors with his paw and taking things off the kitchen counter.

Dogs are smart creatures but why do they act like humans?

-Andrew the Human

Howl Andrew,

Don’t be fooled by our lack of thumbs or fur coats, we are part human. Whoever made us just decided we should be a different version of human.

We’re the kind that has the human smarts but gets to relax while you earn the kibble and do difficult things such as fighting forest fires. We are grateful for your evolution.

It sounds like Miles is using his human abilities perfectly. Besides the fact us dogs are part human, we are also naturally very intuitive. We sense when things are about to change. Why else would some of us hide before a thunderstorm has even crossed the county line?

While he may not be able to debate current events with you, don’t doubt Miles’ intelligence or awareness. If our human side was more evident to the masses then maybe canines would be taken more seriously in this world.

Enjoy your human/canine hybrid and all he can do. The next time you need some help unloading the groceries don’t forget how well Miles can use his paws.


Bella and DiDi
















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