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Margot Ahlquist

Margot Ahlquist is the creator of Paws to Talk, which started as an advice blog and has grown into a hub for dog lovers to get life support on an array of topics.margot_popup

With Paws to Talk and Pawbituary, Margot combines two of her passions: dogs and helping others. Margot credits her Poodles Bella, DiDi and Toby for helping her make it through the toughest times in life and being constant inspirations.

Her Paws to Talk podcast has been featured on the popular iTunes New and Noteworthy List. Margot is also a contributor to Dogster.

Prior to her work on Paws to Talk, Margot worked for over 8 years as a writer, researcher and producer in the television industry in New York City. Her work in television garnered an Emmy Award Nomination.

She has a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications and is a Coach U Core Essentials Graduate. Margot is a former nationally ranked, record-setting tennis player who competed at the Division I level for Syracuse University.

She makes sure to play a good game of fetch everyday.


Honest and kind people

Eating my mom’s homemade Sicilian Chicken while having a great conversation

All dogs

People who believe they can change their lives for the better

Having a good laugh


People who aren’t willing to take responsibility for their lives.


A meal that looks better than it tastes

When animals and/or people suffer

Closed-minded people



I am an 11-year-old perfect specimen of black Standard Poodle. I enjoy playing catch, lovingly nibbling on my humans’ hands, Cedar-Plank Salmon and Champagne.

Since I can remember, I have always been told that I am incredibly smart. My humans thought about sending me to law school but I begged them to let me dispense my endless knowledge to others instead.

Just don’t try to reach me after 9 pm because I like to get my beauty sleep.


Naps on my humans’ bed

Being chased around the dinning room table with a toy in my mouth

Adult dinner parties

Nuzzling my nose in my humans’ lap

Anything French

Catching a ball perfectly between my beautiful teeth

Fancy scarves and collars



Cheap Champagne

Crying little humans

Doing my business on sidewalks


Humans leaving my house



I am a 6-year-old black Standard Poodle or so they tell me. Personally, I think I am part Poodle and part 4-wheel-drive vehicle. I love nature, climbing stonewalls, jumping fences, whole rotisserie chickens and light beer.

Sometimes, my humans call me a clown because I collapse in all different positions looking for a cuddle.

I am a young dog so I stay up late. I love to howl at the moon so if you hear me howl back.


Digging holes in the yard

Anything having to do with eating chicken

Disrupting Bella’s peace and order

Taking care of little humans

Staying up all night watching my yard


Humans leaving my house

When Bella hogs my favorite toy which is whatever toys she has in her mouth

Going to school. I am yard smart!

Being stuck in the house

Fancy scarves and collars